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From Our Clients

“I've been coming to Pathways for years and have experienced many of the treatments. I love coming to Pathways because it's a more personal experience versus a spa like atmosphere. All the therapists at Pathways are well trained and caring with my own personal needs.”

             S Ziegler

"Love my times with the talented Donna - she knows how to give an excellent massage and cures all that ails me! I will be back for more!"

                   L Merkel

"Great healing place."

                P Steely

" has been nearly a month since we [with Laura Bennetti] started the spinal stenosis-sciatica therapy and I have to tell you how amazed I am with the results. Less pain and more mobility are the clear results and I'm very much encouraged to continue. I'm even seeing some improvement in my ability to stand up, something I used to take for granted but has become quite difficult.  Proof of less pain and hence the therapy's benefit is the reduction of pain-related medications to 1/3 of what I was taking prior to starting this therapy. While this is a measure indicating improving physical well-being, it strongly suggests improvement of mental state as well. I was in pretty dire straits last month. I'm not now."

                                        John L.

"I have been going there for 2 weeks nows and love it. I meet with Tracie. She is wonderful and kind. She listens and generally cares. I recommend her to everyone."

              L Marks

"Renee Philips is a Fantastic massage therapist! I would definitely re-book with her."

                       K Arcement

"My therapist is Laura and she is absolutely wonderful.  After only two sessions with her I have just a little bit of pain relief.  I am 43 years old and have lived in chronic back pain my entire adult life from an accident I had when I was 14 years old. My experience with Laura has been great.  I can see that she cares and really listens to the reasons why I am there."

        D. Renninger

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