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Pathways Therapists

Pathways to Healing is always looking for new talent to join our team of professional bodywork therapists. If you are a licensed practitioner seeking a new opportunity, please contact us at 610-373-7935 or email Sherry at

Massage Therapists
Ann Piccone              Karen Gamby
Jane Garis                  Tracie Robbins-Beasley
Lori Santaspirit        Stacy Wolfe               
Tiffany Breck
Tracie Robbins-Beasley
Ann Piccone - Specializing in Western Herbs
Tracie Robbins-Beasley - Specializing in Chinese Herbs
Foot Reflexology
       Ann Piccone
        Jane Garis
        Karen Gamby
        Lori Santaspirit
        Tiffany Breck
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