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Karen Gamby
Licensed Massage Therapist


Deep Tissue Massage

Foot Reflexology

Craniosacral Therapy

Visceral Manipulation

Somatic Emotional Release


Zero Core Balancing


Facial Reflexology, integrated

The Brain Speaks Therapy

The Bowen Technique, integrated

Emotional Counseling

Certifications and Training:

PA License of Massage Therapy (MSG000882)

Reiki Certificaiton Levels 1 and 2 (with Reiki Master Susan Hill) - 1991-1992

Dep Therapeutic Massage, East West Massage School - 1992

Reflexology, East West Massage School - 1993

Hypnosis Mind Gate - 1999

Craniosacral II, Upledger Institute - 2000

Visceral Manipulaiton, Upledger Institute - 2002

Zero Core Balancing, Upledger Institute - 2003

Somatic Emotional Release II, Upledger Institute  - 2004

DNA I & II, Healing Practitioner Mystery School - 2004

The Brain Speaks - 2006

Facial Reflexology - 2012

The Bowen Technique - 2016

Degrees:  AA in Psychology; MS in Metaphysics


Practising Philosophy:
Using a holistic approach I interweave many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of many physical problems. While peeling away the layers of surface problems, an understanding and realization of issues through this enlightenment are exposed and issues come to light. Through the use of holistic counseling and hands on healing many transformations can take place. Doctors treat the condition, I treat the cause; therefore the condition can disappear. As you learn about yourself through this type of healing, doors can open to a new and exciting world of wholeness and healthiness. Love yourself enough to want to heal, nurture and nourish your entire being: the mind, body and spirit.

Contact Information
Phone: 610-373-7935 ext. 1003

Currently does not book online appointments

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