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Pathways Herbals

"Balance and Harmony are the keys to preventive medicine."

Pathways Herbals are made with organic or wildcrafted herbs, gathered when their active properties are at their peak.

Ann Piccone, producer of Pathways Herbals, has been an Herbalist for over 23 years. Her initial training took place in 1992 under the supervision of Susan Weed. Ann additionally studied under the supervision or Rosemary Gladstar, on Sage Mountain, in 1997. She is both a proprietor and therapist at Pathways to Healing Wellness Center.

Pathways Herbal Consultation combines the information gathered fromt he nutritional assessment and a comprehensive consultation with our herbalist to piece together a complete picture of your present health. Ann Piccone will look at your diet, health history, current lifestyle and other factors to identify the unique problems and imbalances present in your life. She will then explain her findings and recommend supplements, diet suggestions and lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellbeing. Contact Ann Piccone (601-373-7935, ext. 112) for more information and to schedule your appointment.

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